Rome’s Hidden Underground City Private Tour


Think you’ve seen Rome, well think again! Let’s go beneath the surface and see Rome’s underground city. Submerge yourself in history and explore the mind-blowing interiors of the past. Mosaic floors from medieval times are mixed with stunning church chandeliers, which are guaranteed to blow you away. Step back in time and explore what’s underneath the picture-perfect streets of Rome. Let’s experience how the city’s inhabitants lived in ancient times by checking out perfectly preserved Roman houses, pathways, and fountains. We’ll head two more levels down into the eerie stillness of the city’s oldest and most secret passageways. Take in the complete silence except for the sound of a bubbling natural spring. Listen to the calming sound of moving water as we visit a historic shrine which was used by locals to worship ancient Gods. Remember that I can customize this tour to your wishes. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see let me know so that I can make it happen. I can’t wait to take you on a journey through time and share another side of my city with you.

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Prijs: € 80.00

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