Romantic Private Canal Tour Amsterdam


Enjoy your day of sightseeing with an intimate journey of discovery along the canals, Picture this: You and your partner snuggled together. The sound of water lapping softly against the sides of the boat as we drift beneath Amsterdam’s iconic bridges and past its magnificent 17th-century canal houses. Against this picturesque backdrop, your guide introduces you to the intimate side of the city through stories that speak to the heart: tales of love, such as Sail underneath the seven bridges of Love, kiss underneath a Special bridge so you will be together forever and Discover the true smell of the city related to the many trees of the city. These stories and many more will be brought to life with a carefully chosen selection of music. The heart opens in silence, so we are sailing on a quiet, solar-powered boat that’s perfectly sized for the more private canals. If there is anything you like me to include in this private canal tour Amsterdam, let me know and I can personalize the tour the way you want it.

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Prijs: € 185.88

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