Roman Singing Class: Online Music Experience with a local Musician


I'm an Italian vocal coach and can't wait to help and teach you how to improve yourself and your singing! During my singing lessons we will work on voice techniques, you will learn how to breathe better and work on songs. We also talk about music history - especially the most famous Italian techniques; bel canto. Do you have a special song you want to learn? Let Karin know and she will make sure to teach you! Or are there any other things you want to learn or talk about? Send Karin a message and she will make sure to send you a personalized offer. This experience is 100% online. While you are at home, your host will connect with you from their city via a link that will be provided to you. For this tour, your host will be hosting the tour from their home using their camera. All you have to do is get your computer ready, have a proper internet connection, and enjoy your tour in a comfy setting.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 38.60

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