Roman Pasta Class: Carbonara & More


In my kitchen I will explain all the ingredients, with special attention to Roman pancetta that is the protagonist of our recipes. I will also explain how to recognize and choose ingredients. I'll tell you how to replace ingredients if it's not available in your country, so you can prepare your new dishes at home. Finally, we will prepare the 3 sauces that must be cooked at the same time as the pasta: that means that the preparation will be really fast, and amazingly delicious. The first recipe is Ajo, Ojo e Peperoncino, a spicy hot dressing that is the simpliest way to have a Pasta dish in 10 minutes. The second recipe is Carbonara, the super famous Pasta with egg sauce and pancetta, that we will cook family style The third recipe is Puttanesca, a roman classic with tomatoes, olives, capers and... a secret ingredient! When the dishes are ready we will enjoy them with a glass of red wine or water (no Coca-cola or soft drinks are available in a real Roman cuisine). Each guest will enjoy 3 dishes, each one with a (not so) small portion of pasta. This is what we call “assaggino” - a taste of different recipes. It's just another way we love to eat pasta. After dinner you can enjoy a nice stroll to the Colosseo and Fori Romani that are only a 5 minute walk from my home.

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