Prosecco Hills Vespa Tour


Important !!! Previous real and good (!) experience, real good skills, with medium-large scooter or motorbike are mandatory for the drivers! (mean several times driving in the last few years, not rarely) , Of course no skills are needed for the passenger/s that stay on the back seat and enjoy comfortably the tour As a local of this breathtaking region, I can take you on a unique & exclusive tour of the Prosecco Hills. After a mini-training course, you'll hop on your own authentic Italian Vespa Primavera and begin this incredible journey! As you'll be riding on your own Vespa, it's essential that you have experience driving a scooter so feel both confident and comfortable. Imagine riding 75km over magical hills to wineries, farmhouses, and old villages! First, we'll stop off at a traditional Italian wine cellar to see how prosecco is made and stored. Then, on top of an impressive hill or at the Belvedere in the iconic Rolle Village, you'll enjoy a glass or two of prosecco. As you sip on 3 very different yet equally delicious glasses of prosecco, I can explain to you the importance of these tasty bubbles to our culture. Delicate fragrances and mouth-watering flavors! You'll be consumed by the Italian wine culture in this unique UNESCO heritage listed site. At the end of the tour and on a typical local farm, you'll have the opportunity to taste and buy tasty salami or even a bottle of the regions best prosecco! The only way you can truly appreciate the prosecco hills is with a local! This tour can be 100% personalized, just let me know your preferences!

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Prijs: € 149.00

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