PRIVATE wine & heritage trip to the Bohemia Wine Region


Let me take you and accompany you, as your private guide, for the whole day as you pay a visit to the Bohemia wine region. I'll share my knowledge about Czech wines and history and culture. It will make this experience as exclusive and VIP as possible. You'll have the opportunity to visit three very different styles of wine cellars. Not everybody has the opportunity to step into these place, but you are their most valuable guest. The Bohemia wine region offers a regal atmosphere to its visitors and its sights and places of interests are even more magical. Visit a very elegant castle with exquisitely furnished apartments and a surprising wine cellar! Taste amazing local wine, eat tasty Czech cuisine and feel like royalty. Let me take care of everything, send me a message and I'll plan this trip around your requests and preferences!

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 269.00

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