Private​ trip to the unique sticky waterfalls in​ Chiangmai​


Chiang Mai is a hub for outdoor activities, and I look forward to showing you one of my favorites! This is an experience that you won't forget. One of the things you cannot miss being in Chiangmai are the unique sticky waterfalls. The surface is sticky! Beautiful limestone made by nature. We will meet in Chiang Mai, where I will pick you up from your hotel. Then we will drive around 1.15 hours into the forest and take a breath of fresh air. Immerse yourself fully in the wild, natural landscapes. The famous sticky waterfalls in Chiangmai are unique limestone waterfalls. The surface really is sticky! I can show you how to climb up and climb down at the sticky waterfalls! Remember, this experience can be 100% customized​ around your preferences, just let me know your wishes!

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Prijs: € 55.00

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