Private Toy Tour & Workshop


During this 4-hour private tour, I'll take you to the world-class MINT Museum of Toys. You'll see a huge collection of vintage toys there, many of which are collector items. Some of these toys are still being produced in their original forms, while others have incorporated more contemporary designs, production materials and methods. I'll share with you the interesting stories behind these toys. You'll then appreciate how toys reflect the culture, history, and changing values of different countries over the years. Enjoy the thrill of folding a few basic designs of cool-looking paper planes, and pick up some fun knowledge about the basic science of flight. Fly your self-made paper planes, and learn how to perform some basic tweaks to them to alter their flight characteristics. Don't worry, you don't need a degree in aeronautical engineering, a pilot licence or be a math whiz to understand or appreciate this fun activity suitable for all ages. You just need to let a child-like sense of wonderment lead you into a world of imagination and nostalgia! You will also be introduced to, and play with, some simple-design but fun toys and games enjoyed by children of Singapore many years ago, some of which were made with materials commonly found around their neighbourhoods! They didn't have access to sophisticated toy technologies then, but their lively imagination and keen observation filled the void more than adequately, against a backdrop of a slower paced life that emphasized community activities and participation. After the museum tour, you'll take a short subway ride to Chinatown. Stroll through a part of it and be amazed by Chinatown's beautiful sights and lively atmosphere. Immerse yourself in rich Chinese culture in a clean and organized setting. You'll round off your tour at the amazing Tintin shop, a retail outlet dedicated to a comic character loved by many around the world! I'll share interesting fun facts about Tintin and his supporting cast of colourful characters like Snowy the Fox Terrier, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, The Thom(p)son Twins, Bianca Castafiore and so on. If you are booking this tour with kids, please get in touch with me for discounted entrance tickets to the museum! I'll make a personalized offer just for you.

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