Private Tour Around The British Museum


Is the British Museum on your list of places to check out in London? Let me take you around this fascinating place full of archeological wonders. I am an experienced historian and I can't wait to show you the highlights during our 2-hour private tour around the British Museum. Marvel at statues and objects from ancient times. This museum has one of the most comprehensive collections of history and art that you'll ever see. With your private guide and history expert, you will learn all the insider knowledge that most visitors never hear about! Amongst others we will learn about the museum's famous Egyptian mummy collection, the celebrated Elgin Marbles (from the Parthenon in Athens) and the Assyrian lion hunt bas relief. Most of your questions about the history of the world will be answered! If you have any special requests or want to learn more about a part of the collection you're particularly interested in, let me know and I can personalize this experience.

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