Private Spiritual Morning with Thai Monks


Have you ever wondered about the hidden and mysterious lives of monks? What do they do during the day? How do they live their lives? What activities and rituals do they perform in their daily routines? Now is your chance to take a peek into the hidden lives of monks. Come to take a stroll in an ancient ritual performed only during the emerging dawn hours, as the rising rays of the morning sun pierces the darkness of the night and reveals a new day of spirituality and discovery. By exceptional permission of the resident monks, I have the chance to provide the rare opportunity to bring a few guests along for the Collecting Alms activity as the monks make their way around the Bangkok temple district collecting food for the day. Space is extremely limited so join us for a morning of magic and mystery and make your trip to Thailand an unforgettable one. --- Things to keep in mind --- *What should I wear? You can wear any polite casual clothing that covers your shoulders and your legs below the knees. A simple t-shirt or collared shirt is recommended. A long(er) pair of shorts is recommended as pants may be too restrictive (and sweaty). You will be walking short distances, so comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended. *How should I get to the meeting point? (1) Hotel Pickup - If you are staying within the city center area, please let me know what HOTEL you are staying at, and I can pick you up 30 minutes before the start time. (2) Meetup Point - If you are not staying in the city center, the meetup point is the Tha Tian Market Building, at the corner of the intersection of the Grand Palace and Wat Po. If you are not staying in the city center area, please schedule a taxi with your hotel/hostel so that they can provide you with a wake-up call and ready transportation early in the morning. It is recommended for you leave at least 30 minutes before the start time depending on your distance from the meeting point. *What if I arrive late? We will make every effort to provide to you as much of the activities within the remaining allotted time, but I can NOT offer any make up time as this activity is heavily time sensitive. Please take this as a warning and as an encouragement to prepare your mind, spirit, and body the night before and come with an open mind and an open heart. --- Things you should be aware of --- - You are a guest of the monks and the temple, and of their living space. Please be respectful and mindful of your conduct accordingly. You do not need to be particularly Buddhist or religious or spiritual, but we do ask that you are courteous in your behavior. Assistance will be provided for your convenience. - All guests (male & female) may participate in the Collecting Alms activity. - This activity begins at early in the morning. Please be mindful of the early start time and access your dedication to the rare opportunity. Please get plenty of rest the night before, stay hydrated and bring your curiosity and enthusiasm. Once the activity begins, you (and your body) will awaken very quickly to a refreshing and spiritual journey. - This activity may involve walking for small distances and carrying light loads of food and water. - If there is a special holiday/celebration/festival/event/circumstance, the itinerary is subject to change due to availability. We will make every effort to provide to your satisfaction, an experience equal to the original offerings above. If you have any questions, you are always free to reach out! Looking forward to meeting you for this unique, spiritual journey!

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