Private Sailing Trips in Barcelona


Barcelona has much more to offer than Gaudi, the gothic quarter and museums. Join Dave on his newly renovated boat to enjoy sailing in clear blue water, with Barcelona's amazing skyline in the background. Dave would like to share this unique experience with you so that you take away some unforgettable memories of your time here, from a truly different perspective. Over the last 5 years Dave's logged over 1,400 sailing trips around Barcelona as a commercially endorsed RYA/MCA skipper and has catered to people from all walks of life to provide individual sailing experiences. Now as President of the Spirit of the Sea sailing association, he would like to pass on some knowledge of how we protect and preserve the Mediterranean Sea in conjunction with a NGO in the Balearic islands called Save the Med, The money from your sailing trip contributes hugely towards conducting marine surveys, educating the young on plastic pollution and petitioning to establish MPA's (marine protected areas) that will create a sustainable local marine environment. Your tour with Dave will be made super special as you can determine the outcome of what we do in the time given. Maybe it's a romantic trip for 2, relaxing on the deck in your own space with a glass of wine? Maybe you're a family wanting a private trip to enjoy the boat for yourselves away from the crowds and parties. It may also be possible to stop for a swim in the beautifully clear and very blue water. Some guests like to be involved with sailing the boat, take the tiller and learn something new under professional guidance. Others prefer their own space whilst relaxing on the deck with the only sounds coming from the sea. Quite simply, the choice is yours and depending on everyone's available time it could possible to extend the trip by the hour as we go. Wind and sea conditions do have a impact on the outcome of the trip as we work with what mother nature provides us on the day, but it's your sailing trip, so let's make it yours, together!

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