Private Day Trip to Lucca: Bike Tour & Churches


Want to explore other Tuscan gems? Then, let's go to Lucca! This perfect day trip will take you back in time as you discover this charming medieval town. Its beautiful sights & authentic vibes will fascinate you! Do the local commute and catch a train from Florence that will take you to Lucca. You will be welcomed as you enter through its medieval walls by a historical atmosphere, straight out of a fairytale! And what better way to explore its medieval walls than on a bike ride! Follow the path that surrounds the city, all the way up and enjoy the view from the top. Relax and wander through the city center, where you'll have a chance to try Cecina a kind of a chickpeas pancake, a typical & tasty street food of Lucca. Through Lucca's cobblestone streets you will also discover plenty of history infused spots. This town is called 'The city of 100 churches' and once you are there, you'll see why. Take a little break from Florence, and follow me on a private day trip experience. Let me know what else I can do for you, and personalize your tour in any way!

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