Private Cruise Layover Tour of Kuala Lumpur


If you are in Kuala Lumpur on a cruise or a long transit in the airport and want to see more of the city in a short amount of time, this private layover tour is what you need! Come with me to discover Kuala Lumpur and to enjoy it to the max! This private layover cruise tour will show you the must-sees as well as help you uncover hidden gems in a fast but still enjoyable way. Depending on the time available, I'll create a personalized route to show you what interests you most and those places you have to see before leaving. Go to the Batu Caves, the National Palace and Mosque, the Central Market, the Petronas Towers and more! You'll also have a chance to explore local squares, markets and neighborhoods to experience the city like a local. This tours is 100% personalized! Let me know your time availability and wishes, and I will create the perfect trip to cover everything you want and more!

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Prijs: € 100.00

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