Private Countryside Day Trip: Traditions & Tastings


Dubrovnik is more than Old Town and its touristy spots. Come with me for an off the beaten path day trip to discover the scenic countryside and the old traditions. From picturesque towns, historical towers & mills, liquor tastings, and a delicious 'peka' lunch; get ready to see the authentic side of Dubrovnik! I was born and raised on Dubrovnik’s countryside and find it utterly fascinating, and I think you will too! As a professional driver, I know the roads like the back of my hand, and on my private van, all you have to do is enjoy the scenic views and stories I’ll tell you along the way. I'll take you on a road trip through the Dubrovnik Riviera where you can enjoy a scenic coastal ride. We'll make a stop at the Southernmost town in Croatia, Cavtat, a picturesque city with a chill vibe. Here, we can stroll through the small alleys, and if you want to, we can make a stop at the house/museum of the most famous Croatian painter, Vlaho Bukovac. Let's hit the backroads all the way to the Sokol Tower, an amazing fortress from the 15th century. Visit the museum inside where I'll explain to you its interesting history throughout the years. Ready for some drinks and some local sweets? Hop on your private van and get ready for some treats. Come with me to discover the oldest and only working watermills in Europe. Meet Ivo, the owner and hear how his family has been producing flour and wool for centuries. But first, enjoy some local herb liquors handed to you by a local in a traditional costume. You must be feeling hungry, so I'll take you to my brother in law's rural household that is also a vineyard. Enjoy a delicious traditional 'peka' lunch. A unique experience for all your senses! Any other requests? Let me know! I can always personalize your experience 100%. See you soon!

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