Prague Instagram Photo Walk


Prague is insta-worthy! Come with me on an Instagram photo tour and find those places where no filter is necessary. Spice up your social media with cool and unique photos and find the most picturesque spots in the city. Go to picture-perfect spots like the iconic John Lennon Wall. Capture the vibrant colors of the graffiti sprayed wall and find inspiration for your next best caption. Or how about an enchanting picture of the Prague Castle? Walk to the famous Nerudova street and feel inside a fairytale that you can share with all your followers. Another Instagram gem is the beautiful Charles Bridge. Discover the Old Town Tower and snap the beauty of the Vltava river where you can even feed the swans. The photos you take here will get a lot of likes! Hear all about these magical place and Prague and let me help you with photo tips along the way. Not enough photos for your Instagram feed? I can always customize this tour to your wishes, just let me know and I'll create an experience just for you! Let me know your vision and style, and I'll make a unique tour for you.

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