Porto's True Soul Tour: Traditional Shops & Tastings


What better way to see the real Porto than through its traditional shops? In there you can appreciate the history of these local businesses and the authentic craftsmanship behind its products. Embark on a private tour throughout the centuries to discover the most ancient and typical stores of Porto. From a centenary grocery shop where you can find the best bacalhau (codfish) or a fine Port to a very old pharmacy and a well famous toy store in one of the busiest streets of Porto. You will also have the chance to explore a few other shops dedicated to linens, coffee, watchmaking, and chocolates. Talk to the locals that own and operate this shops and see how proud they are of their work and culture. You'll see how their faces light up as they talk about what they do best! Enjoy some tastings as you visit the stores. Get to try different products offered like a delicious Port wine and a coffee to keep you energized along the way! Looking for any articles in specific? I can add or modify the stops to best fit your interests.

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