Porto's Antique Stores and Bookshops


To break the ice, we will meet at a typical cafe, a peaceful place in a popular street. Let's head to one of the best antique stores in Porto, in which you will go back to your grandmother's house and find hidden treasures and truly unmissable bargains. What about a shop dedicated to football and sports memorabilia? True fans will love it! If you think they don't shoot on film anymore or Polaroids are long gone, you better think again! In the next stop, I will show you the essence of photography! Do you like collecting cards, stamps or coins? I will show you this collector's wonderland! Or maybe do you prefer retro decor or old countryside cupboards or dishes? Then, the next stop is for you! Are you a 'book worm'? Let's go to 'Livraria Academica', one of the oldest bookshops in the city. Let's end the tour with a glass of wine and a 'petisco' in the shade of an olive tree. Who could ask for more? Looking for anything more specific? I can add or modify the stops to best fit your interests. Just ask me and I can make this tour 100% personalized for you!

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