Polish Folk Art Flower Village - Zalipie


Zalipie is a not-so-typical Polish village full of wall paintings, and it is still a quiet village only lived by the locals, mostly grandmas and grandpas whom their sons and daughters moved out from the village. The painted houses are all started by the idea from a Polish folk artist who lived in Zalipie, Ms. Felicja CuryƂowa. She started painting the boring white wall in her own house and not soon later her arts spread through the village. You will visit the museum with a small group guided tour which present you the tough living condition during the old days, especially winter and also the history of the village. Here is a village where the local residents passionately invite you to their homes. You will enter one of the painted house and be amazed that flowers are covered every part indoor and outdoor. During this tour, we have several stops at some most representative houses. Flowers are everywhere, they are even painted on the fire station and church. This place is very photogenic and you will have a lot of photo taking opportunities. Fun fact: Every year, there is so called Prettiest House Competition, an event gather all the residents in this village and pick the most beautiful house among more than 30 houses. And it is always a tough decision! The tour is 100% personalised, let me know if you would like to have it customized. See you in Poland and look forward to explore this stunning village with you! ***Important Note: The village museum is closed on Monday***

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