Play Traditional Games with a Local Games Expert


One of my favorite Belgian traditions is playing pub games. Throughout the years, I have been collecting and restoring antique and vintage traditional games, and I want to share my passion and collecting with you. So, come over to my workshop and let's play! Discover more about the local culture on this fun experience where you can play with some unique games that are usually stored in museums and see how they are restored and made. This private tour will open your eyes to the pub games' way of life! Before playing each game, you'll get a short introduction about the sometimes bizarre history behind it. After learning the rules, it will be up to you and your friends or family to prove that you can play the game. And for the winner, a bottle of Belgian beer or chocolates! Have fun while discovering more about the local culture and the love for pub games. Want more games? It's possible on a 100% personalized offer. Let me know your wishes and I can make them come true.

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Prijs: € 21.18

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