Play & Discover the Secrets of Florence with your Family


Discover Florence like no other, on a fun quest uncovering its secrets and symbols. Go on a family friendly adventure full of games, fun trivia & activities. Amazing stories & treasures will be revealed at every stop! Your family quest will take you through the historic center of the city to discover the hidden side of Florence, including anecdotes, curiosities, and legends. Follow the clues from the past and see how your kids reveal details that most people often miss. Find hidden symbols in artistic tiles, statues, crosses, and plaques and hear the fascinating stories behind every discovery. Find hidden messages in churches, stories about famous families, symbols & signatures on pieces of art and plenty of more secrets. This family friendly experience is an interactive walk through Florence that offers around 20 fun trivia questions and spotting games. I will draw your attention to certain elements of the urban landscape and your kids will get to put their minds to work! Enjoy this unique tour with your loved ones and personalize it to make it even more unforgettable.

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