Personalized Photography Workshop in Lisbon


From the hills and lookouts, point your camera at the pastel colors that adorn the crumbling walls of captivating Lisbon. With narrow and winding streets of Alfama as your backdrop, let me guide you on a private photo tour that will teach you photography skills as well as encourage your creativity. Want to put your photography skills to the test? This private experience is ideal for those who want to capture and discover all the little nooks and crannies of the most charming areas of Lisbon. No matter your photography experience, this workshop is for everyone: from beginner to advanced, Lisbon will provide the lightning to make your photos shine with authenticity and beauty. Each workshop has been created with the goal to share the warm side of Lisbon, and at the same time improving your photography skills by learning new techniques. This personalized experience lets you choose where you want to go and what do you want to capture: from an all levels photo tour in Alfama, to a more practical experience that follows the line of the riverside area. Or how about some nighttime photography? And if you are a professional photographer, I can focus on a specific technique or expression. The workshop can be 100% personalized according to your wishes, just let me know what do you prefer. So, come and photograph Lisbon with me!

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