Paris on an Electric Scooter: Off the Beaten Track Tour


I want to take you to see a unique side of Paris and to make it even more memorable, let's do it by moving around in an electric scooter! Let's start from Gambetta. An electric scooter will give you the chance to cruise through charming little streets, passing by the secret passages of the Menilmontant area, giving you a completely different facet of Paris. Menilmontant is a bohemian and laid-back area located in the former industrial heart of Paris. Here, you will be inspired by the cosmopolitan artist's community mix that will give you a multicultural vibe as you see the Chinese quarter not too far from the Boulevard de Belleville. Once at Belleville, you will discover its charm: its multicultural vibes, unique style, and beautiful landscapes. You will be surprised by the interesting contrasts when strolling on your electric scooter. But what takes the cake is its impressive panoramic view of Paris from the Belleville hill! Continue to be breath-taken by the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, one of the largest greenest places of Paris. Its geographical structure is an interesting mix of levels, heights, and nature, as you will see caves, waterfalls, and exotic trees! Ride along the 19th-century canal de l'Ourq where you can admire the Philharmonie and the boats as they cruise along. Interesting fact about this canal is that it was initiated by Napoleon who wanted to provide drinking water for all Parisians. But don't worry, I'll give you all the details of this interesting story. Lastly, you'll ride to reach the Canal St Martin where we will relax and talk about history and Parisian culture. Plus I will give you more off the beaten path local recommendations for an authentic time in Paris. And if you are looking to customize this tour, let me know! I'll adapt the tour to your needs. Other important notes: ** Weight maximum 100 kilos on electric scooter ** For people with an age of 12 years or elderly people (+67, you have to be very agile and sportif). the traffic could be Dangerous in Paris, you have to focus around 3 hours, they must be very agile, quiet and prudent. ** No alcohol is allowed or or just before our trip. ** All reservations will be cancelled and refunded in case of bad weather ( rain, heavy showers, storms, very bad weather and if the temperature is below 11 degrees celsius). ** Choose to wear a comfortable pair of shoes with sturdy ankle support instead of high heels, as well as comfortable clothes that protects your from wind. ** All guests will need to bring a photo/copy of their Passport/ID for insurance purpose. ** All participants need to sign a liability agreement on arrival . A personal (travel) insurance from the country of residence is also mandatory. ** You have to control/master the balance (like riding a bike) if you Don't manage to ride it, it s really difficult to ride an electric scooter.

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