Paris in the Middle Ages Private Tour with a History Lover


Paris is a very old city, with Celtic and then Roman origins. From the 11th century, the city will expand around the Ile de la Cite to become the most populous capital of Europe. Paris then adorned itself with beautiful Gothic churches, a cathedral, abbeys and monasteries, numerous palaces, fortresses. If most of the city of the Middle Ages has now disappeared, many buildings are still there to bear witness to this glorious past. Religious monuments are the oldest, but with a passionate guide, the smallest stone in a forgotten wall can tell many stories. Because if the city has changed the stories and legends have survived and they are fascinating. This guided tour will start in the Latin quarter, before going to discover the Île de la Cite, and finish in the Marais district. At some point of the tour, we can of course make a break in a Cafe. A day trip can be adapted if you are interested, in this case, do not hesitate to send me a message to prepare a personalized offer.

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