Palermo's Hills & Sea: Mount Pellegrino and Mondello Beach Tour Spritz & Meal


Embark with me, in an unaccustomed and unbeaten route of the city, from above to the beach. Up on Mount Pellegrino, through its natural landscape, in order to admire Palermo from above, and to visit the mystical Saint Rosalia Sanctuary, listen to its hidden stories and reasons of its quite scary look, then going down to the famous Mondello beach, where to enjoy a fresh spritz by the sea. The tour finally ends to a nearby bistrot-restaurant, where to relish on a nice platter of local delicacies and fried calamari.The drink by the sea and the meal costs are all included, as well as transport and transfer with the car. Pick up from different meeting points is available at an extra cost, please get in contact in order to get a quote and arrange the new pick up.

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Prijs: € 68.59

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