Ottoman Heritage in Hungary


Did you know that the connection between the Turkish people and the Hungarians date back for many centuries? Let me tell you all about the war between the two nations that started in the 1300's. I'll show you the architectural influences that the Ottoman Empire has on Budapest. Hungarians have become so aquainted with the culture of the Turkish people, that the two cultures remain a good friendship today. On this tour I'll show you the most significant and unique buildings that remain iconic elements of the Ottoman Empire. I'll tell you interesting stories and show you hidden spots with a high cultural value. You'll stroll past thermal baths, schools, bridges and important buildings. I'll also tell you all about the history of Buda and Pest, the building of mosques, caravanserais, monasteries, and hammams. I bet you didn't know that the Turkish bath culture set up the base for the existing rich spa culture of Budapest. I can always organize a visit to thermal baths, just contact me for the personalized offer.

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