Origins of Paris : A Latin Quarter tour


( If possible, if you want to book less than 8 days before, please send me a message to ask me if I am available before making the reservation, even if the site indicates that I am available. Thanks a lot!) It was in the heart of the Latin Quarter that Paris was built thousands of years ago. With some Roman ruins remaining and a bohemian atmosphere, you will feel like you are walking through time as you discover the most beautiful gems that make this 5th arrondissement the true soul behind Paris. Far from the touristy crowds, you will feel the true authenticity of this charming neighborhood making you feel like a local instantly! Before, the Latin Quarter was the backbone of the French intellectuals that would gather here. And today, it is a lively district frequented by a bohemian crowd of thinkers and students who express their 'joie de vivre' in the picturesque cafes. With beautiful sights all around, you will immerse yourself in the true vibe of the neighborhood. By walking through the beautiful gardens, such as Le Jardin Luxembourg and Le Jardin des Plantes, you will empathize with the many impressionists who spent their day painting this breathtaking scenario. If you are into architecture or want to learn more about important monuments in the area, I got your back! I will show you beautiful monuments, such as the Cluny Abbey, the Pantheon, and the beautiful church Saint Etienne du Mont. This experience is for everyone! For those in love with romance, you will observe the most idyllic hidden streets that have made this neighborhood background of many movies. Or if you are into history, I will tell you all about the history of this magical place. And if you're into food, you will not miss out on all the tasty restaurants and cafes! As simple as this, if you are into Paris, this experience is all you are looking for! Let me know how I can personalize this experience for you for an even more perfect time in the city of love.

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