Original Fireflies Private Tour


Join your favorite local on a unique private tour from busy Kuala Lumpur to the quiet neighboring village of Kuala Selangor. Whether you are fascinated by temples or captivated by nature, this tour has a great mix and will be an unforgettable experience! Malaysia is famous for having a rich multicultural history. There is no better way to catch those vibes than visiting a rural area that has three remarkable temples from three different religions. And don't miss the cows grazing alongside these temples, it's a wonderfully pastoral sight. Enroute to a small town called Bukit Rotan where we can see the harmony of our people. Just next to each other you can see a Hindu Temple, a Mosque, a Church and a Chinese Temple. When you arrive in beautiful Kuala Selangor, walk to the top of a hill where you will discover one of the oldest fortresses in the region. Once upon a time, this fortress was crawling with soldiers. Take as much time as you want to enjoy the beautiful view. Before we head to the magical boat let me take you to Local Malay Kampung (Malay Traditional Village) See the unique architecture of the Malay Houses and people over there By now the sun is starting to go down and it's almost time to see the most incredible highlight of this trip, the fireflies! Hop in a boat and float down the river as the fireflies flicker all around you. This is a truly magical experience and will be one to remember. Leave Kuala Selangor behind with new memories and discoveries. Your local friend will make sure you have a smooth journey back home. Want to make your tour more unique? Personalize it in any way! Let your favorite local know what you have in mind, and they'll adjust it just for you!

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Prijs: € 70.59

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