On the footsteps of Commissario Brunetti by Donna Leon walking tour


Take a city tour to the locations of your favourite television series and enter the Commissario Brunetti’s world, known from Donna Leon's novels and their film adaptations. Along the way you will learn a lot about Venice! Learn new facts and trivia about the author and her books and enjoy a unique perspective on the “Floating City”. The fictional character of the Venetian Commissario Brunetti has been a success figure on German television and international literature for years: discover personally on site the the wonderful film scene locations from Donna Leon's novels. It is not at all easy to find the “campos” and “palazzos” where Brunetti was often on the way, because most of them are away from the city's highlights and well know touristic sites. The films, on the other hand, are mainly shot in a rather off the beaten path Venice, like the Questura, where Signorina Elettra is always duly waiting for Commissario Brunetti. It is so beautiful when you find the places you fancied on TV or reading the books, from Brunetti's first cases, such as Acqua Alta, through the most successful episodes like “beastly thigs” or “Suffer the little children”, to the youngest, whereby Raffi and Chiara no longer want to live in Venice. During this walking tour several locations from the film adaptations are not only to be discovered but also to be tasted, as the focus will be also on Brunetti's famous and broad gastronomic taste. Therefore, not only Brunetti-fans but every Venice lover will be entertained with anecdotes and exciting details from everyday Venetian life.

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