Old Paris Secret Stories Tour: Legends & Terrors


Paris is a 2000 years old city and throughout the years' plenty of things have happened. While some might be good, the city has been a witness of countless unspeakable things. Curious to know more? This private tour is all about the secrets, legends, and scary stories that surround Paris. From dark conspiracies in the richest palaces, to horrible murders in the darkest alleys, Paris is full of whispers! Hear the stories about the red men of the Tuileries, find out what happened at Pont Neuf and the forgotten mysteries of the King's Palace. Religion also influenced a lot in this unimaginable stories with angels and demons taking part in the daily life of the Parisian locals. Hear all about them as we stroll through the city. This is a storytelling tour and I have plenty to share. With countless of legends, most with a terrible and tragic ending, you will definitely be intrigued! Let me tell you my favorite ones. We will start near the Louvre, walk around the City Island from the Pont Neuf to Notre Dame, then explore some part of the quarter of Les Halles! Any other story in mind? An interesting place you want to visit? I can personalize your tour 100%

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Prijs: € 56.50

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