Old city center/ Red Light District - Exclusive Tour


The Red Light District is one of the most interesting and beautiful neighborhoods in the world, but has a bad reputation. It somehow became my mission to show visitors the many beautiful sides of the area. Join me on a private tour exclusively created for you and your friends and see the different side of the famous neighborhood! Many historical buildings and bridges have beautiful night light, creating a romantic and magical sight, that you'll love! Visit the heart of Amsterdam and see the oldest building in town, the place where Rembrandt got married and many other historic sights. This tour is an ideal mix of history and current changes in the Red Light District. Experience the famous Dutch tolerant culture in this tour: our multicultural society & acceptance of homosexuality. The area is known for it's window brothels and coffee shops, but due to a project of the city council many are being closed. Creatives (like myself) are able to rent these former window brothels and start businesses inside. During this tour we'll visit my former window brothel! Let me know what you'd like to discover about the district and I'll adapt my tour to your wishes!

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Prijs: € 58.82

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