Off the Beaten Track in Cagliari: Underground Cagliari Tour


Forget about Cagliari as you know it; there’s more than meets the eye if you follow the less touristy road. Welcome to the incredible Underground Cagliari! During this private city tour, your host will take you to explore the hippest streets around the city and alternative spots known only by locals. Dive in the local lifestyle while embracing the local culture with the many treasures along the way, from architectural gems, hangout spots, and historical spots representative of the area. Follow your local host through Underground Cagliari - this is their playground, and know it like the back of their hand! See Crypt Santa Restituta, Well of San Pancrazio and more of this authentic side of Cagliari. Each of the hosts in this tour will offer a different perspective on the area you’ll visit, based on their expertise and interests. The local hosts are natural storytellers, each one with a different background ranging from arts to history. They can’t wait to share some of their unique stories and personal anecdotes with you! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their city your city!

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 45.96

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