Off-Roading in Evia Island: All-Inclusive Experience


Looking for a little adventure while in Athens? Jump on a fully prepared and specially equipped 4WD vehicle, driven by experienced off-road drivers and follow the thrilling roads of Evia. Hold on tight and go on selected off-road trails that lead you through dense and deep green forests and crystal waters of streams and rivers. Please, keep in mind that this adventure is for those in good health and looking for an adrenaline rush. Get your hands dirty and be a part of the off-road crew. See how a real 4WD vehicle drives off-road, learn all about the equipment and recovery process, and help us unblock and move the vehicle through mud and difficult paths. New obstacles are always on the way like rough trails through dense flora and small rivers crossing. But this is the beauty of off-roading! For an energy boost, we'll stop for an outdoor BBQ picnic - lunch and a coffee will give us the extra strength to go on. Keep the exploring going with the discovery of a chapel where it's believed you can find holy water and a hike in Evia's highest mountain. The view up there is breathtaking! Your off-roading adventure will leave in a relaxing atmosphere in the traditional village of Steni, well known for the crystal water streams, the perennial plane trees, chestnut forests and local shops with unique products. Once in Evia, you need to witness the 'crazy waters' phenomenon. I'll take you to Chalkis, a picturesque city, and the proper setting to admire this natural wonder. Ready for the adventure? Let me know how I can adequate your off-roading trip to fit your needs and to prepare the experience around your wishes. Please note: Minors under the age of 10 years old, it is prohibited on our tours for their own safety.

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