Night Market & Street Food Tour


Are you ready to meet your local foodie and start your private experience? Let's check out the beautiful Flower Market, where you can wander through a jungle of exotic florals and aromatic scents. This favorite local market has been around for more than a century and is a very colorful experience. Always wanted to see how the locals shop for their clothing and daily necessities? Your local insider can show you the perfect shopping spot! Wander past the many stalls, and you might even see something you like. Time for a break, so quench your thirst with a refreshing coconut drink. You're in for a treat, because this is arguably the very best coconut drink in entire Hong Kong. Continuing your food walk, you can taste one of the perfect street food combos that have been a staple in the street food scene: fishballs and Shaomai. Have you ever tasted anything as delicious as this? ​Your local foodie can tell you all about its ingredients. Ready for more exploring? Let's browse through the Ladies Street Market with over 300 stalls; it's the best spot to pick up a good bargain from clothes to accessories, chopsticks, handbags and anything you can think of! Feeling peckish? Get ready for a mouthwatering tasting of unique pan-fried dumplings! Did you know that there is a unique way of eating it? You can find out all about it! And why not top it off with a yummy dessert that is recommended in the Michelin Guide. You will not believe that something this good is street food! If you feel like one more snack then you must really try some skewers! Grilled on charcoal, the old fashion way, they are simply the best. Conclude your private tour with the sights and sounds of the old days! Mingle with the locals in the famous night market of Hong Kong where you can enjoy a lively Chinese market atmosphere. Our local hosts can't wait to meet you! Watch their videos and pick the one you like the most for a tour that can be customized 100% around your wishes! ​​

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