Night Life in Athens


You have already discovered the touristy places, and the must-see spots, but something is missing to fullfill your expectation, a real local night life out of the beaten track in places where only locals go. Follow me to a neighbourhood where the refugees from Anatolia housed their dreams in 1930. The two floor modernistic houses were constructed from the state to house the homeless refugees from Turkey. Many were changed since then and the district now was transformed in one of the most cool district for the night owls. Since early evening till the first hours of the next day you could spent few hours in the cool bars and restaurants. Lets explore together the secret parts of Athens, the city that never sleeps. Lets go for a scroll bar in one of the most cool places in Athens. Dit you already build up an appetite? We will end the tour at Mavili square, where you can taste the most famous vromiko in Athens. Vromiko is a huge sandwich with sausage, salad and sauce, which -as it is told- is the best to eat to prevent a hangover. Anyway, it is tasty so you don't need to be drunk to have one!

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