Nelson Mandela & Cape Town's History Private Tour


Nelson Mandela represents inspiration and hope all over the world. But the motherland is specifically representative in his story and fight against inequality and segregation. Today, Cape Town is a culturally-vibrant city, and Nelson Mandela's influence is to thank for. On this enlightening private tour, we will follow Mandela's footsteps. From political figure to prisoner and then President of South Africa. Let's explore Cape Town through its politically significant landmarks that show you his fight to ensure freedom. I'll take you to the very beginning of his story. The Iziko Slave Lodge is significant in telling you the story of slaves who were captured in South East Asia and brought to the Cape by the Dutch East India Company. The museum unveiled an exhibition celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela in February 2010 to mark 20 years since his release from prison. Let's check it out. The Company's garden and Tuynhuys are highlights of Cape Town as well as highlights in the history of Nelson Mandela. Let's check them out and hear the stories behind them. If you're up for it, we can visit the District Six Museum, illustrating the history of forced removals and why the evil of apartheid had to be eradicated under the leadership of a leader and visionary like Nelson Mandela. And for a triumph finale, I'll take you to see the City Hall and the Grand Parade. On 11 February 1990, it was from the City Hall balcony that Nelson Mandela addressed thousands of people after his release from prison earlier that day. Now, a statue symbolises this historical event. If there are other places relevant to Nelson Mandela's life and history you wish to visit. Let me know! I can personalize the tour according to your interests.

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