Neapolitan Culinary Evening: Private Food Tour


During the evening, when all the lights turn on, Naples is like a fantasy dream. You have all these little alleys with the sound of the people coming into the street seeking their enjoyable evening, the smell of the pizza in the air and the flavor of sweet pastry just made. So if you're a foodie and want to experience the city at dusk hours, join me on this private tour to enjoy the local food with the vibrant vibe of the city by night. Every stop we'll make will be special not only for the delicious food we'll taste but also because, in Naples, everywhere you look, everywhere you stop, there's a story to tell. It can be a story about the past of the city, its architecture or piece of art. It can be a story about some character that usually hangs in that particular part of the city, and every local is affectionate to or a story about the folklore, the myths, the legends or the superstitions of people who are so bound to their traditions. To kickstart your evening pop into a cafe for a strong shot of espresso, which will hopefully build an appetite for the food you’re about to eat. Sample food such as Cuoppo - a traditional street food, frittata di pasta, Italian sweets and even enjoy Italy's happy hour - the aperitivo. End your tour with a drink in your hand and enjoy the magnificent views while I'll tell you more about the places we walked by. Before we say arrivederci, I'll give some tips on where to get the best pizza in town or where to hang out for the rest of the evening. Feel like adjusting the itinerary a bit or do you have special requests? No problem! I can 100% customize this experience for you.

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