National Geographic Photographer Workshop


Looking for inspiration? I know the most picture perfect spots around Istanbul! Join me on a photo tour that also works as a workshop. While you discover and explore the city, your photo skills will be put to the test. No need to worry, I'll be there alongside you to give you tips and tricks to get that picture that will remind you about Istanbul forever! I am a former National Geographic editor and photographer and besides photography, sharing my knowledge with others is what makes my world go round! Discover the colors, shapes, and diversity of Istanbul through your camera lens. Wander around the city, and find places or situations that kick in your creativity. Go to cultural hotspots like a synagogue, a mosque without forgetting the best photo op, Galata Tower. Enter a tiny metal workshop located inside a Middle Age inn, see the panorama of the city from a rooftop or share a nargile with locals. Wherever we go, it's sure to be inspirational. During your workshop, I will share with you techniques and how to capture the true essence of a place through its people. Learn how to approach the locals to take their pictures and take your photos to the next level! This private experience is all about finding inspiration in every corner. Let me know what else you would like to learn or what other places you want to capture. I can make this workshop right for you!

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Prijs: € 175.29

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