Myths, Legends & History Tour of Venice


Starting from the well known Saint Mark's square, we can check out some covert Venetian beauties together. We will discover various stories that surround us, from Greek mythology to local folklore, weird rumors, and Christian saints. Let's see how their characters have truly impacted the city of Venice. In this surprising tour, I will also take you to lesser known areas away from the tourists and crowds. Here you can enjoy some beautiful sights that you wouldn't find on your own. Follow me through the narrow streets of my city, and I will tell you the secrets behind major highlights and also show you some hidden gems! Marvel at beautiful churches, gorgeous art, and hear about all the scandals from the past, including those of well-known figures. Of course, we can personalize this tour according to your preferences and needs. I look forward to showing you my city!

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Prijs: € 56.47

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