Multicultural Markets & Temples in Bangkok


Bangkok is rich with different cultures and diversity. Explore the flower market, Indian town and Chinatown together with the colorful markets of the neighborhoods just in half a day. Sampeng Lane and Phahurat markets are a shoppers paradise for local people. Sampeng Lane is a well known wholesale market for shoppers to buy fabric, gifts, fashion, jewelry, accessories, cosmetic. So, treat yourself! The Phahurat Market known as Little India by the Thai Indian community is settled in the neighborhood. This market offers fabric and all Indian import and also the center of traditional Thai costume, religious paraphernalia/ornaments, Thai silk, and cotton. Including the markets tour, you will also get to visit one of the most important temples in Thailand, The Wat Kanlayanamit. Here you will get to see the enormous golden Buddha image in Bangkok. Please let me know if you want to see specific things during the tour, and I will be happy to create a personalized tour for you. Dess code for momen in temples - please wear trousers or skirts at least cover the knees, preferably full length trousers or skirts or carry a sarong or scraf to wrap around you

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