Mud Rice “Balinese Locally Grown Natural Food”


My name is Ayu, and I would like to invite you for a delicious meal at my family's home :) I live in a bamboo house next to the river, rice field and coconut garden in Batu Bulan. It is located 15 minutes from Ubud and Sanur, Center by car. Cooking local food is my expertise. You can come to our house to enjoy the serenity as I'm cooking a delicious meal for you. You can talk to my son and daughter also our students compound while I'm preparing the meal. Gede is my oldest and he speaks English very well. Both of my children can speak English fluently, and will always accompany the guests :) I believe you'll enjoy our company as we will enjoy yours. You can either come for lunch at 12:30 pm or for dinner at 06.30pm. We can also offer a pick-up and a drop-off with a bamboo car for extra 500K IDR. Bali Mud Coffee A unique style of Arabica, Robusta and Luwak coffee processing involving the holy rice field mud to get blessing from mother of the earth and goddess of rice, Dewi Sri. The first coffee that is stored in mud for up to 9 hours before serving. Which you will definitely get a taste of our Unique Mud Coffee. At the end a present from our family a unique bamboo glass.

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