Mountain Bike Adventure Outside of Kandy


Go off the beaten track, outside of Kandy on a fun mountain bike adventure that will lead you through tea plantations, temples, and incredible natural scenery. You ready? I will pick you up from your hotel in Kandy, where I'll drive you to the starting point of your adventure, just outside the city. If you wish to start your journey with a quick introduction to the significance of tea in Sri Lanka, stop at the Ceylon tea museum. This museum is housed in an abandoned tea factory and I can add it to your personalized experience, just let me know! I will provide you with a bike and safety helmet, and once you are perfectly equipped, let the ride begin! The first 5 km are a quite easy going and relaxing ride, which then turns into a gravel and concrete path. On your way, you will have the opportunity to pass by tea plantations where you can see the tea pickers in action and ask them anything you want to know regarding the tea plucking or different varieties. Mingle and learn from the locals! Take a break and admire the Galmaduwa and Degaldoruwa temples, in the second one you can find the best Kandian style paintings. Of course, I will also tell you all the history behind these temples. Here is where you'll put your skills to the test! The rest of your ride will be a little bit more demanding, through bushy nature trail with some nice downhills. Then you will move towards the University of Peradeniya via back routes where you can have a look around the different departments and of course have a group photo at the famous, enormous fig tree next to the university's kiosk. And after a nice ride, what better than a nice meal! Before going back, enjoy a local delicacy at Hela Bojun traditional food center. If you think that you need more of mountain bike challenge I can always take you through a more demanding or longer path, juts let me know. I will personalize your experience 100%! PLEASE NOTE The ride is off the road so quite demanding already, some mountain bike experience is necessary.

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Prijs: € 50.00

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