Modern Rome: Coppede district with an architect & a hidden gem


Together we will discover the multiple meanings of the so-called Coppede district, designed in 20s. Roughly 40 buildings, a few streets, one square and one fountain: a way too small to be defined district, but huge in his fairy potential, rich in decorations and in details. At the very end of the tour, we will admire another hidden gem: Casina delle Civette. A unique house from the same age of Coppede district located in Villa Torlonia park, another unmissable spot. We will get a glimpse of this Liberty (Art Nouveau) building by outside, admiring its stained glass and owls decorations. There are uncountable symbols to reveal! Please, notice: if you want to enter the Casina, you can do it when our tour will be over, but the online booking is mandatory.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 45.88

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