Milan's Shopping Tour: Boutiques & Local Designers


Italy is not just the homeland of the big luxury world known brands like Armani, Moschino, Gucci and more. Italy is also the place where fashion and style are represented by little artisans and stylists, who put their heart in their works, creating fashionable, unconventional and quality clothes and accessories. Want to meet them? What better way to know more about the local fashion scene than from the local designers themselves. Let me introduce you to Stefania, a fashion stylist back in the 80’s and 90’s, that now produces her own brand “Essedue,” and it's sold in fancy boutiques. Take a look at her villa where she creates wonderful clothes mixing old style and new style. Enjoy a real Italian espresso with her and ask her all your fashion burning questions! Go to BENHEART, a handcraft leather shop, selling unique pieces. From shoes, purses, jackets, and belts, all with a lifetime guarantee! Meet Ben the Florentine stylist that has created a unique leather empire with its unique style and quality. If you feel like it, personalize your leather item with some engraving to make it even more special. Step into MONTEZEMOLO, a male tailored shopping boutique that will make you feel perfectly in synch with the local Italian high fashion way of dressing. And if you are a girl that's looking for the best lingerie and beachwear, Individuals is the store to go! Here, you'll meet Carlo, the stylist that designs each piece of the collection personally and uses only quality fabrics made in Como. Step up your game at Midinette, a dress and accessories boutique with a “modern vintage” taste. Here's all about high quality in an excellent location. The moment you set foot in this boutique will make you feel like in a fairy tale! To end with a highlight, go to IUTER's shop. This brand is getting bigger and bigger, but the original values remail still: they design and produce their own clothes here in Milano with fabrics from Italy. Feel free to keep shopping at the end of the tour and let me know how I can personalize your experience to make it more unique and more tailored around your style.

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