Milan's futuristic, ancient and charming souls


Forget the common places in Milan that you can find in any tourist guide ! I can't wait to give you an awesome local experience, where we compare the last ten centuries of history, with the new XXI century spirit. Let's kick-off your tour in the futuristic district: the cool and trendy place to be ! And no, you are not mistaken this is not Dubai ! Old truly does meets the new over here, so enjoy the spectacular sights of impressive skyscrapers. Don't be surprised that these buildings are just as impressive as the old...with lots of lively cafes and shops. Now that we've seen the futuristic district, did you know that Milan has canals like Venice ? Let me guide you through a beautiful district and show you some of my favorite hidden spots that only locals know. This experience is created just for you and can be fully personalized to match wishes, and remember I can show you the local nightlife spots, go through the famous fashion stores or find delicious culinary treats ! Feel free to contact me for a personalized offer and we can make it happen! Ciao ciao.

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