Milanese Home Dinner Experience


I truly love food and cooking. I have a traditional way of preparing Italian recipes, but I also add my personal touch. Friends and family like to come over and watch me cooking. Enjoy the Milanese hospitality at its best and come to my home for an amazing dinner. You'll have the unique opportunity to dine with a local and learn more about the Italian culture. Savor a good meal, share a good joke and exchange of ideas. I can tell you more about Milan's background, how locals live and where they love going. Personal recommendations included! You're welcome to join me in my cozy home and taste the real world-known Italian food! If you have any diet restrictions, please let me know. I'll do my best to accommodate you. Hope to see you soon! *Fusion menus are available on request.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 73.00

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