Mepantigan Balinese Mud Fun!


Ever heard of Mepantigan? This unique style of Balinese cultural games in the rice field mud is very natural and in harmony. The concept of respecting the goddess of the rice Dewi Sri. This activity is very safe and fun. All Happy, Healthy and Harmony. Our Balinese games: Fun mud wrestling, love and kiss duck, Mud Tug of War, Kecak Body Painting with Papua dance, in the Mud with mud music, Balinese Gamelan and dancing. Special final topping Massage in the mud, Mud Sauna, Mud massage body scrub with coffee then enjoy our Mud Coffee. You will also get to wear traditional Sarong called Tridatu”. Our group has been invited for several art performances in Europe. Including international entertainments joining with us here. Such as, Keeping up with the Kardashians, FOX TV/ Miss Universe, MTV and many more. We are very grateful, through culture we all connect from all backgrounds. Therefore, we can guarantee a great quality and uniqueness of this experience! This will be a once in a lifetime lesson given by our team. We recommend it to you if you want to experience the real Balinese arts full culture and tradition in the nature! We're always happy to welcome you!! If you require pick-up or anything extra please contact me for a personalized offer.

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Prijs: € 82.35

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