Medieval Treasures of Rome Private Tour


Rome is a medieval treasure ready to be discovered! Come with me on a private tour and let's move away from the beautiful but crowded main attractions of Rome. Take a trip back in time and discover the historical gems left by the first Christian community. This private tour will show you unique architectural gems throughout Rome. Visit Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the four main basilicas of Rome built in the IV century A.C. Inside the basilica you can admire one of the most impressive cycles of mosaics preserved in the world of this period. Your eyes will go crazy with tassels of colored glass or stones and covered by golden leaves; simply breathtaking! Ready for some hidden gems? Discover two Churches less known but not less important for the history of Christianity in Rome: Santa Prudenziana and Santa Prassede. The story behind these churches is incredibly interesting, and the inside is equally beautiful. Admire in the apse beautiful mosaics of the IV century, one of the oldest in Rome. And for a golden moment, come with me to Santa Prassede. Here, there is a Chapel dedicated to St. Zeno, entirely covered by golden mosaics, and not really well known by tourists. Do not miss this opportunity to discover with me the art connected to the beginning of Christianity. Any requests? Your tour can be 100% personalized to your interests!

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