Magnifique! Macaron Cooking Class & Champagne


Macaron's are not only one of the most famous French desserts but they are also a gastronomic piece of art. Come and create in my workshop your sweet & edible masterpiece. In this private cooking class, I will take you on a wonderful gastronomic journey to explore the shapes and colors to discover a world of taste and design. Learn more about this sweet meringue-based confection and take home the techniques that make this one of the most treasured French creations. So, roll up our sleeves and start making them by following simple steps. I will be right there with you, teaching you step by step. It will be my pleasure to share with you my Masterchef skills that you will be able to apply even after your time in Paris! Most importantly, you will have a jolly time stepping into the shoes of a French cook. Once your pretty creation is ready, it's time to try it! Finish your lovely workshop with a tasting of your homemade macarons paired perfectly with a bubbly glass of champagne! Ready to become a macaron MasterChef? Let me know how I can make this experience even more exclusive. It is 100% possible!

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