Madrid Like a True Local Madrileño


Let me guide you on a walking tour to discover the most beloved places by the locals in Madrid! Together we can unveil the real identity of Madrid through the most traditional taverns and spots that have become part of the historical and cultural heritage. I can introduce you to real Madrileños who can tell you all the local anecdotes and curiosities. During your adventure like a local, you will (of course!) have the chance of trying tapas paired with an authentic drink from our region. I'll take you to the three oldest taverns of Madrid where you can try a traditional tapa and local wine tasting at each place. These places are loved by all locals, especially because of the friendly staff and amazing food! And last, but definitely not least Flamenco is part of Madrid tradition and history with more than 200 years of a 'happy marriage'! As it's one of my favorite parts of our heritage, I'll make sure to tell you all about it, away from the tourist traps. I can also introduce you to emblematic places where the real flamencos always gather and perform and tell you the stories behind the venues. So, are you ready to become a true Madrileño? I can customize a tour around your wishes, so join me and let's discover the city in a truly local way!

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