Local Vietnamese Cooking Class


Hi, my name is Phuong, but you can call me Elise. I am a true foodie and love to cook and eat delicious meals. Let me take you on a journey for your taste buds to experience the flavorful Vietnamese cuisine that you will never forget! We will meet at the Coop Mart Nhieu Loc, an alley-market where we can shop fresh ingredients like locals do! I will show Vietnamese market life and culture, and explain what to look out for. After the local grocery shopping experience, we proceed to my house and start preparing the food for each dish. You can expect a full 3-course meal of your choice, just let me know your preferences before you arrive. I can 100% tailor the menu to your preferences and taste. Eating time! Let's enjoy the dishes we cooked together with the drinks you like: choose between a Jasmine Tea, beer, sugarcane juice or a soft drink. Let me know your food preferences and I can customise this experience 100% to your taste. See you soon :) Elise

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Prijs: € 26.47

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